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Professional Python Developer Bootcamp

Jumpstart your programming career in 4 months.
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Professional Python Developer Bootcamp

Jumpstart your programming career in 6 months.
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Data Science and Machine Learning

Data visualization in Python

Transform your data into stunning visualizations with the most popular Python tools.

Complete NumPy course with applications

Master the fundamental library for efficient data manipulation in Python.

Data science in Python: Linear models

Master some of the most popular machine learning and data science methods in Python.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning: beginner to master

Build a solid foundation in one of the most promising branches of artificial intelligence. Master the fundamentals and some advanced algorithms.

Advanced Reinforcement Learning: policy gradient methods

Learn to solve complex control tasks using some of the most advanced methods of artificial intelligence.

Advanced Reinforcement Learning: DQN to SAC

Discover the cutting-edge algorithms driving the artificial intelligence revolution.

Advanced Reinforcement Learning: cutting-edge DQNs

Explore a branch of reinforcement learning that has made significant advances in the field of artificial intelligence.